China Ready

- Posted on: 05/02/2019 -

Currently 4 million Chinese travel to Europe annually and Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland are working hard to increase the numbers of Chinese visitors to the Island of Ireland from the 100,000 that are expected to visit in 2019.

The Chinese visitor is very different to the traditional holidaymaker from the USA or Europe. To welcome them properly requires an insight into why the Chinese travel, what they expect when they get to Ireland; and how to go the extra mile to welcome them and ensure that they have a wonderful time when they visit Dublin Skylon Hotel.

The Dublin Skylon Hotel with assistance from Fáilte Ireland and COTRI-the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, is now ‘China Ready’ through implementing specialist training workshops to position the organisation as a key destination for Chinese Tourists.

These workshops support front line employees in understanding the needs of the Chinese Tourist and how to develop a special ‘Welcome’ approach and response for the Chinese visitor to the Hotel. It also includes a Chinese Tourist ‘Welcome’ Certification for participating employees, and the accreditation of the Dublin Skylon Hotel as a special Chinese Tourist Approved Hotel.

china ready


china_ready_certs.jpg (China Ready)

Participation in this accredited Chinese Certification program provides the Dublin Skylon Hotel with vital insights into this increasingly important market. It also provides access to a networking partnership that offers exclusive benefits designed to promote their business in the Chinese marketplace

The training workshop is orientated towards front of house staff and marketing personnel with valuable insights into the motivations for China’s outbound tourism and the expectations and needs of Chinese visitors to Dublin Skylon Hotel and Ireland. Participants are also required to complete a short written test as part of the individual certification process.

The Dublin Skylon Hotel is offically China Ready!!