Covid Safe Operations

The Dublin Skylon Hotel has been awarded the 2021 Covid-19 Safety Charter:

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To assure the comfort, health, and peace of mind of all our visitors and associates, we have implemented the following detailed safety plan for our reopening:

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General Covid Safety Operations:

All operating procedures throughout The Dublin Skylon Hotel have been reviewed and reworked to ensure the same standard of service while adhering to social distancing and increased hygiene measures.

We have added sanitising stations at all key entry and exit points for use.

The hotel will operate a pre-booking process for all experiences throughout the hotel to ensure that all guests can be looked after while minimising queuing.

We have invested in PPE and screens in key public areas and back of house to ensure a preventative approach.

The Skylon team will be fully trained on best practices regarding Coronavirus.

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Skylon Bar & Grill

PPE: All our team members will be wearing personal protective equipment and have undergone training in how to put on and remove PPE safely.

Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Soap: Facilities to wash your hands with antibacterial soap or disinfect your hands with hand sanitiser are available in all food & beverage areas.

Increased Frequency of Cleaning: Door handles, tabletops, handrails, and trolleys are cleaned several times a day to ensure your safety.

Social Distancing: Our food & beverage areas and are following the 2-metre distancing guidelines throughout the front and back of house.

Digital Payments: We are encouraging cashless/contactless payments.

Menus: We will be using disposable menus to prevent cross-contamination.

Condiments: We will be using individually packaged condiments.

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Pre-Arrival at the Dublin Skylon Hotel

Each guest will receive a pre-arrival email that will have a detailed survey attached. Each guest will have to answer and return before arrivel to the Skylon hotel. We will customise your stay at the pre-arrival reservations stage to ensure all your preferred times are pre-booked for meal periods.

Arrival: Arriving guests will have a designated entrance for checking in. This will be managed by our Duty managers at the front door, and the lobby will also have clear signage denoting social distancing and directions.

Protective screens: We have installed protective screens at reception to protect our internal and external guests.

Sanitisation: Frequent sanitisation of high touchpoints such as elevators, reception countertop, credit card terminals, and pens etc. throughout the day.

Payment: Pre-payment will be taken, and room keys will be available for collection upon check-in. This is a way of avoiding queues and time spent at the reception desk.


Arriving at the Dublin Skylon Hotel

Parking: Self-car parking available.

In-room requests:  All our guest requests will be conducted while adhering to social distancing.

Departing the Dublin Skylon Hotel

You will leave your key card at reception and your receipt will be emailed to you. Your key card will then be disposed of.


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Housekeeping at the Dublin Skylon Hotel

All employees have undergone retraining on the latest protocols and best-practice standards in relation to PPE, social distancing, cleaning standards and hygiene practices.

All cleaning standards have been fully reviewed and updated to ensure we have robust enhanced cleanliness and hygiene practices.

We have conducted a full review of all cleaning agents and chemicals in conjunction with our partner Ecolab.

Sanitising Stations: We have strategically placed hand sanitising stations throughout public areas.

Sanitising Schedule: We have implemented a documented sanitising program in place to ensure all public area high touchpoints (door handles/ lifts/ handrails etc.) are sanitised on a regular basis throughout each day.

Mux-X Room Steriliser: We are constantly thinking of what we can do to ensure our guests safety & peace of mind throughout this time. Introducing the Muv-X Room Steriliser. After a deep clean from our housekeeping team, the Muv-X Room Steriliser is brought into the room, and the timer is set according to the room size and activated. Our housekeeping team leaves the room and the unit automatically begins sterilising all visible surfaces two minutes later. This unit was inspired by a call for help from the medical community to improve cleaning standards during the Covid-19 crisis, the Muv-X Room Steriliser is now being used in many hospitality sectors such as hotels. Our housekeeping standards is of the highest but this unit ensures that extra peace of mind for our guests. We wanted to go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels safe.

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