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Our Head Chef Wayne is very inventive when it comes to the menus that he (& his team) produces. Today we spoke to him about some of the changes he has made to the Skylon kitchen.

‘We have recently redesigned our lunch & dinner menu and we’ve come up with different food concepts that will appeal to all our guests. It’s important to me to source my produce locally and I think our guests appreciate this aspect to our food, people who come from countries like the USA or parts of Europe want to be eating local food’.

Our lunch menu was important to me to get right, we introduced open sandwiches as well as some new salad dishes to entice the more ‘healthier eater’. Our Dinner menu is more condensed than it has been in years which I like, too much choice isn’t always the best option.

Afternoon Tea is a big seller in the Skylon and it looks and tastes amazing. We took some time with the design aspect to make sure our Afternoon Tea was one of the best out there. We have recently introduced our version of a man’s Afternoon Tea- something we called Gentlemen’s Grub which is basically a reverse on our Traditional Afternoon Tea. Ditch the tea and enjoy a Guinness and swap finger sandwiches for mini burgers as well as much more.

Here at the Skylon we are constantly evolving and keeping up certain food trends is an aspect of my job that I enjoy.

Some of Head Chef Wayne favourites: (it was hard for him to pick one )

Clogherhead Crab Open Sandwich served with lemon mayo, pickled cucumber, romaine lettuce, Guinness brown bread

Prawn pil pil, Dublin bay prawns sautéed in chilli and garlic served with crusty sourdough toast.

Goats Cheese & Caramelized Red Onion Tartlet served with walnut pesto dressing and mixed leaves

Pan fried Hake, Grilled Chorizo, Grilled Asparagus, fennel, and wasabi sour cream

Super Salad, grilled chicken, baby spinach, broccoli, green beans, carrots, tomato, quinoa, cashew, beetroot, wholegrain mustard dressing

Grilled Lemon Chicken served with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes & parmesan cheese

Team Skylon xoxo