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How to Choose the Perfect Meeting Venue - 8 Easy Steps

Here at the Dublin Skylon Hotel we are experienced at delivering excellent events and meetings for our clients. We thought we would share some of our top tips with you. If you are looking for a venue to host the perfect event contact us by phone on +353 (0) 1 884 3900, or email our Sales & Marketing Manager Colette at or email our Reservations Manager Daniel at  today and let us help you plan for success.

1)    Step 1 - Location

Location of the hotel is one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel for your business conference. Is the purpose of your meeting to get things done? If so then you do not want to choose a hotel with spa facilities or golf courses which will distract attendees from the business at hand. Where are your delegates travelling from? To get the maximum of attendees, your meeting venue should be easy to get to from where the majority of your attendees are travelling. This may be near to an airport or within easy reach of the city centre. What public transport links are available to this area? Once you have narrowed down your location that incorporates your delegates’ ability to GET to your meeting with ease you are on the right road to your meeting’s success!

2)    Step 2 - Price

Ensure you have a budget in mind before you start contacting hotels. Do not necessarily go with cheapest as you may get what you pay for! Although 5 star hotels may look impressive, do you really need to spend a huge amount when you may get just as good results from an experienced hotel with excellent facilities for much less of a 5 star cost?

When pricing the cost of a venue here are some things to make sure you include in your budget:

a)      The total cost of all conference or meeting rooms you will be using.

b)      The cost of all technical equipment needed for your meeting.

c)       The cost of all tea/coffee/snacks provided during your meetings.

d)      Will you be providing lunch/dinner and the cost of this per attendee?

e)      Will you be providing accommodation to you delegates or will they be paying themselves?

f)       Are discounts offered to your delegates who book with this hotel?

Take into consideration ALL the costs involved and stick to the budget.

3)    Step 3 - Availability

There is no point going further and analysing the pros and cons of a particular hotel if it is not available on your dates. First, get an idea of when most delegates will be available to attend your meeting and that this date does not clash with other events they may need to attend. Once you have settled on a date, make sure the hotel you are thinking of booking has those same dates available, and will not be too busy to give you the service level you require on these dates.

4)    Step 4 - Conference Facilities

Okay so you have decided on the location you would like, your budget is set and the hotels you are looking at are available on the dates you requested! Now you need to examine the conference facilities in more detail.

Below are a list of questions you should fill out the answers to and see if the hotel you are considering can meet these requirements.

a) How many delegates will you expect to attend this meeting?

b) Will you want the meeting to be set up theatre, board, classroom or U shape?

c) Will you need one room or several rooms?

d) Will you be need a fully integrated audio visual system?

e) Is FREE hi-speed internet services available throughout the hotel?

f) Do the meeting rooms offer natural light?

g) What breakout options are available during the day?

5)    Step 5 - Accommodation

The standard and quality of the accommodation on offer is important as your hard working guests will need a good night’s rest to be invigorated for your meetings.

This checklist is all you need to ensure that your guests will be happy and well rested

a)      Are executive rooms available?

b)      Will you need double or twin rooms if guests are sharing?

c)       Is good quality bedding on offer?

d)      Are work spaces provided in the hotel room?

e)      Do the rooms offer laptop safes? This is particularly important if guests have sensitive information on their laptops and need to store them safely

f)       Is FREE secure High Speed internet available in all hotel rooms?

g)      What extras are available in your guests’ room? E.g. tea or coffee making facilities?

h)      Ease of check in and check out – will your guests be offered an express check in/check out service?

i)        What are they special rates are offered to group bookings when hosting a conference in the hotel?

6)    Step  6 -  On-site restaurants and entertainment

Do not overlook the importance of making available networking opportunities for the delegates attending your meeting. If dining options and evening entertainment are available within a hotel, this means that attendees to you meeting will more likely stay in the hotel to enjoy their leisure time and this will make it easier for people to network, making your meeting more successful.

Here is a checklist to ensure you and guests make the most of morning and evening networking opportunities

a)      Is there a variety of good quality breakfast options available to your guests to start their day?

b)      Is there a range of evening dining options available to your guests?

c)       Does the menu cater for all tastes including vegan and vegetarians?

d)      Are there comfortable areas in the hotel for guests’ to relax and socialise together?

e)      Is there any free evening entertainment provided?

7)    Step 7 - Site visit

Having answered all the questions above and narrowed down your list of hotels, you now need to make an on-site visit before you book.

Consider the checklist below while you are visiting;

a)      How were you greeted by the staff giving you a tour of the facilities? Do you think your guests will be greeted the same way?

b)      Is there a car park available and how much is it for your delegates?

c)       Have lunch in the area that will be offered to your guests and see if the menu is varied enough and that you are happy with the quality of the food.

d)      Ensure that all the facilities and training materials/technical equipment you will need have been properly explained to you and that you are happy with them.

8)    Step 8 - Booking your venue

Once you have followed all the steps above and the venue you have selected meets all your requirements, the final easy step is booking the hotel for your conference or training seminar. The venue is the most important step in a successful meeting. Get the venue right and no doubt your meeting will be a huge success! 

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