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Experience Gaelic Games

Experience Gaelic Games is only a few minutes’ walk from the Dublin Skylon Hotel

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Experience Gaelic Games is a hands on activity - full of fun and laughter and delivered in the heart of the community. A fun mix of culture, history, sport and soft activity. Experience Gaelic Games introduce visiting groups to Ireland’s greatest cultural secret and most popular sports – Gaelic Football, Hurling -(Stick and Ball game), Gaelic Handball along with dance. A uniquely authentic Irish activity! – just about the most memorable and fun Irish experience visitors can have!


  1. Ranked no. 4 out of 600 things to in Dublin on Tripadvisor
  2. Take part in activities and culture that stretches back 3,000 years and are at the heart and soul of Irish life.
  3. This is an activity that is cultural, activity based, fun and something that you can only do when in Ireland.
  4. Whether out with the kids, a stag, or teambuilding, this is an activity that everyone will enjoy!