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Christchurch Cathedral

Across the Road from Dublinia Exhibition, this cathedral has been in the heart of Dublin for as long as 900 years. It has been a Viking, Norman, Catholic and finally Church of England domain. The cathedral was founded probably sometime after 1028 when King Sitric Silkenbeard, the Hiberno-Norse king of Dublin made a pilgrimage to Rome. The architecture of the place can tell you about all the periods.

Very interesting patrons have helped to keep the Cathedral standing throughout the centuries. A must visit is the underground crypt and the treasures on display. The funny note in the crypt is the Irish version of Tom and Jerry on display. A cat and a mouse found mummified in the tubes of the organs. One thing to note however is that you are allowed to go into the catacombs of Christ Church cathedral which currently house original costumes from the hit TV series "the Tudors". Please take your time to unveil the stories of this place and admire the stunning mosaics and stained glass windows.