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Butlers Chocolate Tour

A visit to the Butlers Chocolate experience makes for the perfect family day out.

A hands-on guide to the inner workings of a real-life chocolate factory, this action-packed tour is perfect for chocolate lovers of all ages.

Watch the Chocolate Movie to learn about the fascinating origins and history of chocolate. Stroll through the Museum, picking up nuggets of information about chocolate through the ages. Soak in the aroma and atmosphere of the Butlers factory as you gaze down on the factory floor and witness the production of Butlers Chocolates in real time.

The Butlers Chocolates guide is on hand throughout the tour to explain everything you see and give a unique insight into the origins, history and secrets of chocolate. Finally, there is the opportunity to try your hand at being a chocolatier yourself – as you get the chance to decorate a chocolate novelty and bring it home as a souvenir of a unique and thrilling experience.

This fantastic experience is ideal for group days out and appeals to children of all ages.

Guided tours run three times daily, Monday to Saturday, with the factory in operation Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

With an onsite Butlers Chocolate Café serving a range of chocolate treats and souvenirs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the Butlers Chocolate Experience.

All visits must be booked in advance. For best rates, book online at